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Our trainers come to you! We have trainers located throughout the United States to teach you how to learn to drive using your own RV!

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Driving an RV is easy... Let us show you how!

Learn what every Commercial Driver MUST know,
and every RV Driver SHOULD know!

If you’ve recently purchased an RV and find driving a stressful experience,
RV Basic Training Boot Camp is the learning experience for you!

boot_camp_training2 What Will You Learn?
You will receive one-on-one instruction in your RV, with a Professional Driver / Trainer.

Your experience begins with classroom instruction and progresses thru to driving in the country, city and on the freeway.

We show you the "tricks” Professional Drivers use to stay safe.

RV Boot Camp Curriculum Covers:

  1. Understanding the RV Difference
  2. The Pre-Trip Inspection
  3. Adjusting the Mirrors
  4. Four Basic Driving Skills
  5. Using Reference Points
  6. Understanding Rear Swing Out
  7. What is Off Track
  8. Stopping / Following Distance
  9. Three Driving Challenges
  10. Defensive Driving Techniques
  11. Plus MUCH MORE!

When you complete RV Basic Training Boot Camp, you receive a FREE copy of the "RV Basic Training Manual" and a Certificate of Completion, Level One Boot Camp.

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You need RV Boot Camp Training if:

1. You are a new RV owner and have no large vehicle driving experience.

2. You would prefer to learn without being yelled at.

3. You’ve upgraded to a “pusher” and want to know about air brakes and advanced systems.

4. You’ve purchased an RV over 40 feet and require a Non-Commercial Class “B” license.

Where is Boot Camp?
RV Basic Training Boot Camp is held in your RV; we come to you!

Prices start as low as $450 for a full day of RV Basic Training Boot Camp*

*Because our Trainers travel to you, there can be a travel fee. Travel fee is negotiated by your Trainer to cover direct travel expenses.

RV Basic Driver Training Course Manual

rv motor home driving manual j
$30 USD

Purchase Pair of RV Headsets

RV safety headsets

One for the driver and one for the spotter

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Trailer Towing Training Manual

trailer towing manual
$30 USD

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