• Gary Lewis Trainer MaskEscape the lock down safely! Stay safe, maintain your distance from crowds, never stand in line, never breathe other people's air!
  • In your RV you can go where you want, when you want, and do what you want!
  • RV-ing is the safest and most relaxing way to travel!
  • Now more affordable than ever!

Your Safety is Paramount
We will give you the skills to be completely safe driving your RV on the open road

Our instructors will:

  • Keep the required six feet of distance
  • Have on their face mask
  • Use RV Headsets so they can be in constant contact with you when you’re behind the wheel, no matter how far away you are

Our instructors will make you a Safe Driver

  • They will make sure you understand how to use and set your mirrors.
  • They will make sure you can do the four basic driving skills that every commercial driver knows – You’ll drive like the Pro’s!
  • They will show you how to find your Pivot Point in your mirrors, how to keep centered in your lane, and how to use reference points to make turns.
  • We want you totally comfortable behind the wheel!

Get the confidence and driving comfort that comes with knowing what you’re doing.

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RV Basic Driver Training Course Manual

rv motor home driving manual j
$39 USD

Trailer Towing Training Manual

trailer towing manual
$39 USD