We come to you! Trainers located throughout the United States!

Driving an RV is easy... Let us show you how!
If you’ve recently purchased an RV and find driving a stressful experience,
RV Basic Training Boot Camp is the learning experience for you!

boot_camp_training2 What Will You Learn?

  • Learn what every commercial driver MUST know, and every RV driver SHOULD know!
  • How to drive YOUR RV in the country, city and on the freeway
  • Classroom instruction
  • The "tricks” professional drivers use to stay safe

Why RV Basic Training?

  • We come to you! We have drivers throughout the country waiting to train you in your RV
  • All Drivers are Professionally Trained
  • One-on-one instruction with a Professional Driver / Trainer
  • FREE copy of the "RV Basic Training Manual" for all those who go through Boot Camp
  • Certificate of Completion, Level One Boot Camp!
  • Opportunity to save on your insurance!

RV Boot Camp Curriculum Covers:

  1. Training for YOUR vehicle (Class B, Class C, RV, Motorhome, Housecar, etc)
  2. Understanding the RV Difference
  3. The Pre-Trip Inspection
  4. Adjusting the Mirrors
  5. Four Basic Driving Skills
  6. Using Reference Points
  7. Understanding Rear Swing Out
  8. What is Off Track
  9. Stopping / Following Distance
  10. Three Driving Challenges
  11. Defensive Driving Techniques
  12. Plus MUCH MORE!

Various Types of Boot Camp for Everyone!

  • Individual One on One Driver Training
  • Corporate Driver Training - Safety Training
  • Mobile Medical Driver Training
  • Fifth Wheel Driver Training
  • Trailer Towing Training
  • Housecar License Training 40+ Feet
  • Group Driver Training and Special Events
  • Non-Commercial Class A & Class B Recreation Vehicle License

shirley mobile training 3

You need RV Boot Camp Training if:

  1. You are a new RV owner and have no large vehicle driving experience.
  2. You would prefer to learn without being yelled at.
  3. You’ve upgraded to a “pusher” and want to know about air brakes and advanced systems.
  4. You’ve purchased an RV over 40 feet and require a Non-Commercial Class “B” license.

Where is Boot Camp?
We have trainers located throughout the United States. Training is held in your RV; we come to you!

Prices start as low as $500 for a full day of RV Basic Training Boot Camp*

*Because our Trainers travel to you, there can be a travel fee. Travel fee is negotiated by your Trainer to cover direct travel expenses.

RV Basic Driver Training Course Manual

rv motor home driving manual j
$39 USD

Trailer Towing Training Manual

trailer towing manual
$39 USD

Questions about Training?

Email us your questions about training, cost and location

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