donnaI did it!!! I can reverse my RV with No Damage! I was sure I would never be safe driving my RV.

What Gary spent hours teaching, took me beyond my idea of safe driving. I now know how to adjust my mirrors, so parking and driving are comfortable. I now know how use reference points to make turns, VERY EASY!

I can go to any RV park and use any spot. RV Boot Camp is well worth every penny. I was going to wait to fix my awning which has been repeatedly damaged by things getting in my way such as buildings, trees parking structures... That’s not necessary now.

Those things that kept JUMPING into my way are now avoidable. Gary I really appreciate the patience and time you spent with me.


Gary, thank you so much.  I just wanted to take a second to give some praise to Jeff - he was, simply put, incredible.  Not only did he teach me the skills I needed, but he gave me the confidence I lacked - I would absolutely recommend Jeff to anyone looking for driver training. 

Thank you again! 

Greg SantolloHello Gary, thank you very much for this service.

Anthony is an incredible instructor, we had such a productive glass and positive experience. The combined length of our camper and truck is 60'5" so there was a bit to be apprehensive about. Anthony along with your manual took all the butterflies away by instilling the knowledge and skills in us needed to drive this baby on the open road. The cones courses and the drive time were so beneficial to understanding just how our Rig moves. Coupled with someone being there to patiently guide and support us through the first time driving it. This is truly an imperative service that I will recommend to everyone who buys an RV.

Hope to meet you on the road one day soon,
Greg Santollo

greg santollo1

sean rv training testimonialRecently Sean contacted me to request driver training for a Thor Toy hauler he was purchasing. Sean had never driven a larger vehicle before and wanted to know what he was doing before heading across country from Washington State to the east coast. I connected Sean with our Seattle Trainer, Tammie Waddill and this is what Sean had to say at the end of training yesterday.

“I hope all is well, and happy Father’s Day. Very quickly, I just wanted to pass along my thanks and gratitude to Tammie for taking on a very early Sunday morning lesson and being phenomenal.

I’d like to say I had a hearty respect for the size of the beast, but Tammie took this rather nervous flyer and walked me through to a far more confident driver in just a few hours - driving through cones, cruising on the freeway and residential streets, and do the occasional trim of a roadside tree :). So very thankful for her guidance.

Can’t say enough good things. Many thanks again, Sean

Sean, thank you for your business and may you have many safe and happy RVing miles.

It is feedback like this that makes this job SO rewarding. Thank you, Sean.


kevin testimonialGary, your RV Basic Training program should be mandatory for all new RV drivers! I know most people don’t like the word mandatory but that’s how strong I feel about it.

If I would have had this training either before my RV purchase or very soon afterword’s, I would have saved thousands of dollars in unnecessary body work. I’m just lucky it wasn’t anything more serious!

Your program gives all drivers a method to know how to stay away from damage or accidents using the mirrors, understanding the pivot point, other markers, and reference points. They are invaluable and very much worth the cost! Thanks again!


Hi Gary.Lisa
Just to let you know, Bob is a real gem! He is very patient and calm...and great at taking the stress out of the situation. 

He asked me straight out what was my biggest concern with my new to me 5th wheel. I am a single female towing a 38 footer and my backing skills at that point sucked!

Within 30 minutes Bob had me backing better than several others who have tried to help me. At the end of the course, I was able to put my big trailer into the space at the storage which has huge poles on one side—it’s very tight!

I was giddy!!! Bob is the bomb!

Lisa, there is nothing we like more than a satisfied customer!

Before I found RV Basic Training, my husband and I had purchased RV Training from a “different” company (no names mentioned).

We were not happy with that particular company because it was basically just a ride along & didn’t teach us anything.

I’ve learned more from the website and FB page of RV Basic Training than I did from the entire face to face with the other company.

That being said, I’m so excited that RV Basic Training offers a book and I’m even more excited for a rally so we can learn even more.

Mr. Lewis, thank you for the services you offer, thank you for being so knowledgeable and thank you for your kindness.

Much appreciation.
L. Supple

testimonial michael carolMy wife and I took delivery of our new ‘19 RED 37BA in December; we previously owned a ‘14 Tiffin Open Road CA32 gas RV and we were comfortable driving the gas rig, but this was our first time with a diesel pusher... So, we scheduled a one day “RV Boot Camp” driver’s training course with RV Basic Training, LLC and, we’re very glad we did!

We arranged to begin our training at 8:00am with Trainer Gary Lewis at our Bonelli Bluffs RV Park site (our trainer came to us)... Gary immediately made us feel comfortable and gave us an overview of basic RV driving techniques and spent the day preparing us for the same driving skills used for a California Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driving test... This included a thorough RV pre-check routine, proper mirror adjustments, safe driving techniques and practicing basic CDL driving skills...

Days before our scheduled training my wife made it clear to me that she had decided against driving our 40’ RV; she felt too frightened... But, Gary made her feel so comfortable that she not only practiced the basic driving skills (backing, weaving backward and forward, 90 degree parking, parallel parking), she actually drove our RV on surface streets around town, making right and left hand turns (maybe even better than my turns)!

Admittedly, even though I thought my RV driving skills were pretty sharp before the training, Gary’s instruction and techniques improved my driving knowledge and skills, especially making right and left turns...

If you’re new to driving an RV or even if you’ve driven a Class A RV for years (as I had), I’d recommend taking an RV driver’s training course... I know the training helped my wife and me, immensely!

I drive a Jeep Wrangler. It is small. It fits about anywhere I want to take it or park it. RV’s are big. And scary. And are limited where they will fit, where you can park them, and where you can drive them. Needless to say I WAS scared, maybe even terrified to drive the thing.

A few years back when we started researching our dream to be fulltime RV’ers we attended a Life on Wheels seminar. While eating lunch at table with another couple, I asked the wife if she drove the RV too. “Of course!” was her answer. “Really???” I responded.

That is when the husband chimed in and said that she had attended an “RV driving school” and was better than he at driving and could do things with the RV that he could not. Hmmm.

Now that the RV is sitting in the driveway I figured, I guess it is time for me to go to school. I searched the web and found RV Basic Training and sent off an email to see if I could get scheduled for “Boot Camp”. The nice thing about this company is that the trainer comes to you not the other way around. Which is nice if you aren’t comfortable driving the RV in the first place.

learning to drive rv

Wendy and instructor Randall – the hat is hiding all the hair he pulled out while teaching me ;)(kidding)
Randal was our instructor and I have to say he is a very calm and patient trainer. He explained everything very clearly before having me do the driving exercises.

We spent the morning in a parking lot while he taught me where my tires are how to center my RV in the roadway, how to back into a campsite, left turns right turns….and get this….how to parallel park the RV. Yeah, parallel park the RV! It was not as hard as I had anticipated. Once he helped me establish reference points, it wasn’t bad!

After that it was on to the open road. We started with the highway. By the time we were done with that part, I was comfortable with how the RV drove and handled. We went on and off the ramps and I got better at slowing and stopping smoothly. Then it was time to go home and do some in town driving. That was a little more scary because of all those little cars!. But I managed not to hit anyone, take out any telephone poles or fire hydrants.

With John and Randall’s help, I even backed it into our driveway with very little problems. Can’t wait to get my certificate of “graduation”! I HIGHLY recommend RV Boot camp!!

We want to thank you for your service. Your help and friendship has made a positive impact on our organization as now we have two licensed drivers to ensure our production goals.

We feel customer service is the back bone of any business and RV Basic Training LLC is a great example of the highest form of excellent business practice. Thank you again for all of your help.

April, new CDL driver, and Coralynn

ohio state university training

bob rv training

Review From Bob and Family; 

My wife and I have driven two wheels, four wheels, Class Cs and Class As, but with the purchase of our new 40' Newmar Dutch Star, we felt we needed extra training. Gary was fantastic! With his tutelage, we can confidently do ninety degree backing and even parallel park our 40' rig.

We highly recommend the course, even for experienced RVr's.

Thanks Gary!

shirley mobile training 2Gary,

I want to tell you that my experience taking lessons with your trainer was WONDERFUL, I was a little nervous about driving our RV (NEWMAR Dutch Star / Overall Length 40' 9") and decided to come to your company. I understood the theory and many things that had previously not even taken into account.

My practice day was the most wonderful and fun I've had, My instructor taught me to enjoy a fantastic adventure with a very professional approach with wonderful dedication. I finished my day showing that I had captured everything. Thank you for having a great team of professionals, highly trained, responsible and friendly.

Thank you so much.

Shirley W

yrmc kids healthGood November Gary,

I'm Dave K the driver for the 38 foot mobile medical clinic that the Yavapai Regional Medical Center has in operation for it's program, Partners for Healthy Students. Myself and other staff member have just finished training with John Hanson.

I was hired on in July to replace the programs earlier driver. It has been an honor to be a part of this wonderful program that brings medical attention to school age and younger children that cannot afford their needed care. Free of charge, I might add.

When we were advised that our department would be going through this training, I believe I am probably the only one that didn't roll back my eyes with clenched teeth at the thought of having to be trained to drive this 38 foot beast, or as I have renamed it Big Blue. The three gals, I work with, are extremely confident professional medically trained in their field. This being said they had fears above and beyond as to what to expect during this driver training course.

I would like to commend John Hanson's professional attitude, cool demeanor, and detailed instructions. He calmed any and all fears of my associates and by the end of the course, they and myself, were jockeying Big Blue like we had been doing it for years. The way he was able to instill confidence in his students to believe that they would be able to drive like professionals was nothing short of a miracle. To the amazement of his students they did drive and handle Big Blue like professionals.

So I commend your training course and especially John Hanson RV Basic Trainer on this wonderful training.

Thank you and John

Dave K
Partners for Healthy Student Drivers

YRMC - 1003 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott, AZ 86301

John was wonderful. Both Don and I were so glad we went with your company, it was invaluable training. 

Best, Heather

5th wheel testimonial oct 2015

RV Basic Driver Training Course Manual

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