Testimonial from Ellen and Bob

Hi GaryJust wanted to drop you a line... you came thru st. louis, mo in late April 2013 and gave rv driving instructions to Bob and Ellen S. We were able to use a parking lot at a nearby mall that was no longer being used. We are on our second major trip traveling from st. louis to colorado to...

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Tom and Val Testimonial

Gary,I have a word to say about your training and instruction on driving our motor home... WOW! I had limited experience in driving a motor home before we purchased our motor home and I freely admit I was a bit nervous about the road test for my class B DVM license. My wife does not even like to...

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Follow Up Testimonial from Karen

Gary and Cy, I just came across this email and realized I never told you about what I did with my new RV driving skills. We went on a few local trips within a 4 hour drive from our home. And I did all the drivings and did great. Then, just the kids and I took 3 weeks and drove all through the northeast....

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Karen Testimonial

Gary,I had to send this email right away. I just finished my RV training with Cy today here in Grand Rapids, MI. He was a fantastic instructor. I am a mom of 4 children who wanted to learn to drive the RV by myself to help my husband on longer journeys. I also wanted to learn in case the kids and...

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RV’s are big and scary

I drive a Jeep Wrangler. It is small. It fits about anywhere I want to take it or park it. RV’s are big. And scary. And are limited where they will fit, where you can park them, and where you can drive them. Needless to say I WAS scared, maybe even terrified to drive the thing. A few years back when...

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Testimonial from Ann in Northern California

Hi Gary, Just wanted you to know I’m very happy about my training session with Sully!   (Karen Sullivan is RV Basic Trainings, RV Boot Camp Instructor in Northern California). She is an inspiring teacher and really helped with improving my confidence to manage hauling my gooseneck horse trailer. ...

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Rick and Trish Testimonial

Hi Gary, Just wanted to let you know we had an excellent weekend of training with Cy – he was awesome!  His patience, skills and techniques were perfect.  Great course you have.  My “significant other” had never driven the coach before Saturday, and safely and confidently drove...

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Zero Accidents Mobile Driver Training

Hi Gary! I’m happy to report that last season we had zero accidents!!!  I’m hoping that wasn’t just luck but in part due to your refresher course you did for our main drivers.  I’d like to set up a date to do that again this year before they embark on the 6 month travel season. I’d...

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Shelly C Testimonial

Hi Gary... Just wanted you to know... We went camping this past weekend, and I drove the motorhome to and from the campground!! Then after we unloaded it at home, I drove it back to storage all alone, and even backed it into our spot, in one try!!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!Shelly C

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Backing up an RV can be tough

Backing into RV spots is tough for a lot of drivers but not after taking RV Basic Training! Hi Gary,Had to send you a picture of the first night  of our trip with the rv on our way to Myrtle Beach. We stayed at Wytheville, Va and they only had backins for the 50 amp service. Look at the great...

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Linda's Testimonial

Just wanted to tell you that we got back from our vacation to Utah -- and I drove our 40ft. rv the whole way and back by myself!  Taking your class was the best thing we did after we purchased our rig.  Thanks so much!!! LindaJune, 2010

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Liz and Don's Testimonial

Hello Gary, I was cleaning out old e-mails and ran across the very first one, before we met for our first driving lesson. Brought back lots of memories, of things we still rely on from your teaching. Makes me feel safer knowing we have those great tips from you. We have been back and forth across...

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Barb and Mark's Testimonial

Gary, We had a lot of anxiety after purchasing our 40 foot diesel pusher because we had always been trailer campers.  But I must say, your all day RV Boot Camp was the perfect answer to calm our fears!  It was even better that you took both my husband and I, as I fully intend to share in...

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Lena's Testimonial

Gary,I did want to thank you again for your very thorough and beneficial RV training. I think you did a great job introducing the team to the fundamentals of large vehicle driving and the skills necessary to be safe on the road. Your calming demeanor and patience were very much appreciated. I look...

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Tom's Testimonial

Gary, just wanted you to know what a job that Bill did teaching Barbara at the Fleetwood Rally, was absolutely fabulous!  He gave her the confidence she needed and as a result Barbara and I split the driving for over 700 miles.  I’d drive 2 hours (100 miles) and we’d switch and she’d drive...

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Gerry's Testimonial

GaryJust wanted to thank you again for the training, no way would I of passed the dmv class b test without you. I backed into the alley dock cones the first time no error at all I was amazed at doing it. Also I really enjoyed the day as well. GerryJanuary 18 - 2010

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