If you are a Professional Driver Trainer and if you possess a Class A or Class B CDL and if you are interested in earning extra money, PLEASE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY!

RV Basic Training has opportunities all around the country for Driver Trainers to teach our Driver Training program of safety and understanding to RV and Mobile Clinic drivers.

As a professional driver you understand the importance of always doing a Safety Check before moving your rig, checking the Three L’s, making sure the Mirrors are set correctly and never backing with a GOAL.

Show new drivers how to do the four basic drive skills and teach them the road skills that will make a safer America, all while getting paid for it!


I was honored to be quoted in the latest edition of Costco Connection subscriber magazine for May 2022! My quote is on page 2.

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RV Driver Training

rv mirror adjustedThe year has just begun but already I have witnessed the MOST common RVer mirror misadjustment: flat mirror too high, convex mirror too low.

The purpose of the flat mirror is to see behind your vehicle, up to 200 feet. The purpose of the convex mirror is to see along-side your vehicle and to eliminate the Blind Spots!

If your mirrors are not set correctly, you are an accident waiting to happen.

Our RV Boot Camp covers the following important items:

  1. Pre-trip inspection
  2. Setting the mirrors
  3. The four basic driving skills
  4. The importance of the Safety Check
  5. Understanding the rules of the road for large vehicles

To learn more, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Happy New Year!

RV Basic Training offers two training manuals for sale here on our website. One manual is for RV DRIVER TRAINING and one is for TRAILER TOWING TRAINING. The training manuals are $30 each plus mailing costs. We use PayPal for payment which means you can use a Credit Card that will only be seen by PayPal.

You can find the manual you want to purchase by using our top menu links or by clicking on the Training Manual pictures on the right hand side of the side. Please fill out the form for the training manual you want to purchase and you will be forwared to Pay Pal to make your payment. You can also call Gary at 951-852-4785 if you do not want to use the form. Thank you

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