Gas is Cheap But Freedom is Priceless!

Escape the lock down safely! Stay safe, maintain your distance from crowds, never stand in line, never breathe other people's air! In your RV you can go where you want, when you want, and do what you want! RV-ing is the safest and most relaxing way to travel! Now more affordable than ever! Your...

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We Offer Two Training Manuals

RV Basic Training offers two training manuals for sale here on our website. One manual is for RV DRIVER TRAINING and one is for TRAILER TOWING TRAINING. The training manuals are $39 each. We use PayPal for payment which means you can use a Credit Card that is secured through PayPal. You can...

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Kern Public Health Training Video

When we train new drivers, the first thing we teach you are the four basic driving skills. In this video we have a new driver doing the #2 drive skill, Off-set backing. This is a skill that tests a drivers ability to use his/her mirrors and understand where their Pivot Point is when backing. Joe...

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The California Non-Commercial Class B License

There is SO much misinformation about who needs a Non-commercial Class B License and what is involved that we thought it’s time to clarify the process. What follows is ONLY for California. WHO NEEDS A NON-COMMERCIAL LICENSE? Anyone driving a 45' Motorhome (Greater than 40' up to 45')By definition,...

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We LOVE Training Groups!

If your organization has added a trailer to your fleet and some of your drivers are NOT comfortable with backing, maneuvering and driving the combination in urban traffic, we have a program just for you! There are many situations where a driver is NOT required to have a CDL but given the length of...

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The Lego RV Story

You know how Great Grandparents are; you do the gift giving thing at Christmas time and usually never hear back if the gift even arrived. Well this is a story with a different ending. Our great grandson Daniel received his fifty dollar bill last year and was carrying it in his coat pocket. Climbing...

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Vehicle Pre-Trip Safety Checklist

Air Brake Test Explained

RV Driver Training

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