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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

RV Basic Training Wisdom for First-time RV Drivers

1. Never move your RV without FIRST doing a “3 L” Safety Check!What is a safety check you say? A Safety Check is a walk-around your coach before you move to determine if there are any hazards that you should be aware of before moving it. Is your coach Level? Are there any Leaks under your coach? How...

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Vehicle Pre-Trip Safety Checklist [Free Download]

Download our useful, helpful and money saving RV Driving Safety Pre-Checklist to reduce opportunities for accidents and prevent damage to your vehicle. Remember, there are three parts to your Pre-Trip Inspection: Engine Check Light Check Safety Check Have a safe and fun-filled RV journey...

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Air Brake Test Explained [Free Download]

Most commercial vehicles and large diesel housecars use Air Brakes to stop. As part of the Pre-trip inspection test for a CDL, a driver must demonstrate knowledge of how an Air Brake system works and how to check it. Noncommercial Class B applicants are not required to pass this portion of the test,...

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Mirror, Mirror on the RV

What is the most dangerous thing a driver can do? Everyone knows the answer to that, drive with your mirrors unadjusted! Once we have shown you how to do the pre-trip, we show you how to adjust your mirrors. This past week when I sat in the driver’s seat to check the mirrors, the picture on the...

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RV Boot Camp could save you money!

Did you know that taking RV Boot Camp could save you money? Lisa saved $550 per year on her RV insurance when she showed her insurance company her Certificate of Completion.  Its called a Defensive Driver Discount! Get yourself qualified for your Defensive Driver Discount by registering for...

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How Tall is your RV?

This past weekend we came across this damage that occured when the driver of a large vehicle tried to go under a canopy without knowing how high it was. At least he stopped before going all the way through! When maneuvering with any large vehicle it is imperative to be aware of the hazards. Posts,...

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