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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

DEF-Diesel Exhaust Fluid Explained

Recently while doing the pre-trip on a mobile clinic with a diesel engine I noticed something I have never seen before, an empty DEF fluid gauge. Unfortunately the drivers I was training had no idea what DEF fluid was or why it’s important, hence this explanation. What is diesel exhaust fluid? DEF,...

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Non-Commercial Class A & Class B Recreation Vehicle License

If the calls we’re receiving so far this year are any indication of what’s happening in the RV Industry, 2020 is going to be the year of the Big RV and Trailer! Who needs a non-commercial license? In California if you’ve purchased a motor home that is over 40 feet in length, you DO require a...

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RV there yet t-shirt?

During January 2020, when you book RV Boot Camp, you will receive free of charge your very own RV Basic Training T-shirt!  We want you comfortable behind the wheel, working on our goal for you, ZERO DAMAGE! Happy New Year and safe travels to all RVers in 2020, Gary

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RV Tip - Pay Attention to Advisory Signs

Imagine traveling down a country road in your RV and coming upon this advisory sign, 10 feet, 4 inches overpass ahead!  This is the reason your GPS should be one that is made for RVs! When you consider that all “C” class RV’s are 11 feet, without the Air Conditioners and most “A” class RV’s...

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How to Set Your RV Mirrors Tip

Do you know how to set your Mirrors? We see so many RV mirrors that are totally out of adjustment that I want to review the purpose of the two-part mirror system. Remember, if your mirrors are not set correctly, YOU ARE DRIVING BLIND! The purpose of the FLAT MIRROR, on top is to see alongside and...

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