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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

RV Basic Training Wisdom for First-time RV Drivers

boot camp training1. Never move your RV without FIRST doing a “3 L” Safety Check!
What is a safety check you say? A Safety Check is a walk-around your coach before you move to determine if there are any hazards that you should be aware of before moving it. Is your coach Level? Are there any Leaks under your coach? How are your Fluid Levels?

Know the Three L’s before you go!

2. Never go on-the road without ADJUSTING your Mirrors!
Yours mirrors are your only way of seeing what’s alongside and what is behind your RV. If your mirrors are NOT set correctly, YOU ARE DRIVING BLIND!

Your FLAT mirror is to see behind your vehicle at least 200 feet. Your CONVEX mirror is to see along-side your vehicle at least twelve feet out and to eliminate your blind spots.

3. Always drive with your rear-camera on!
Your rear-camera is your view behind your RV and lets you know if a vehicle is in your blind-spot or not. It is always VERY important to what is behind you.

4. When backing or maneuvering, always have a spotter or GOAL!
Backing or maneuvering a large vehicle if the MOST dangerous thing a driver can do.

Be sure to have a spotter to make sure you are clear, OR if you are by yourself, GET OUT AND LOOK!

When you sign up for RV Boot Camp, you will learn all these items and MUCH, MUCH MORE!