The word 'Toad' in the Motor-Home World means a 'Towed Vehicle'.

This is a story about how easy it to tow a car behind a motor home. Yes, it’s so easy, you don’t even know the Toad is there, but what if something goes wrong? The lady towing this car took her eyes off I-5 for only a couple of seconds, reaching for a piece of gum which was just enough time for the RV and Toad to slightly move over to the edge of the road and hit 4 or 5 large pot holes she would have avoided, had she been watching the road.

toad_tireWhat she did not realize for over ten minutes was that the pot holes had bent the Toads front passenger side wheel, which caused the tire to loose air and disintegrate. Everything seemed the same; the only thing she wondered about was where all that flying rubber had come from. It was when she saw smoke in her rear view mirrors and a car pulled up along side and the passenger motioned wildly to the back of her RV that she thought maybe she had a problem!

When she stopped to get out and look, this is what she saw. A new wheel, a new tire, a little body work and $750 later she was on her way.

What’s the moral of this story? First, always keep your eyes on the road, two hands on the wheel and remember the wheel base of the Toad tracks inside the wheelbase of your motor home. Just because you missed the pot holes with the motor home doesn’t mean your Toad missed them.

Our tip is to take regular breaks and always perform a Safety Check before resuming your journey. Check tire pressures, compartment doors, lights and the connection between the motor home and the Toad. A Safety Check is the MOST important check you can do before beginning any journey.

Keep Safe and enjoy your travels!

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