There is a combination of events that can make your life as an RV driver exciting. Imagine this scenario, you’re driving your diesel-pusher motor home to Las Vegas and are climbing up the Baker grade. Its 114 F diesel_pusheroutside and as you start up the grade you notice the engine temperature is rising, what to do?


There is only one thing you can do if you want to keep going; first cancel your cruise control and slow your speed. Next, arrow your transmission to a lower gear until your engine is turning at least 2,000 rpm’s. Keep the speed that gives you at least 2,000 rpm’s and monitor the temperature gauge until the top of the hill. You’ll see your temperature drop.


Once you’ve crossed over the summit you can return the transmission to D and continue on your journey. The reason Pushers will heat up in high ambient temperatures is the engine has so much power that it can climb a hill in a high gear. This however does not cause the fan to turn fast enough to cool the engine and you have to give the engine a little help by going into a lower gear which will cause your rpm’s to rise. I know, it’s too simple!

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