tip of month july 2012Remember, there are three parts to your Pre-Trip Inspection:

  1. Engine Check
  2. Light Check
  3. Safety Check

To learn more about the Pre-Trip checks and I, C, D, order our Motor Home Training Manual today.

This week I was showing a new RVer all the items they need to check before beginning their journey. As we came around the coach, counter-clockwise, (so we always will be facing possible on-coming traffic) checking the compartment doors and tires, what did we find but a missing wheel-nut on the passenger-side front wheel!

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t’ head out on any long journey without having that wheel nut replaced and all of the other wheel-nuts checked for tightness. When it comes to wheels, remember I, C, D.

As a matter of interest, on this particular Pre-Trip inspection we also found that only one of the latches on the refrigerator vent was secure, the other was not connected. If you ever arrive at your destination and the vent cover to your refer is missing, it’s because you failed to do your Pre-Trip.

Have a safe and fun-filled RV journey and remember, DO YOUR PRE-TRIP INSPECTION!

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