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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

Toll Booths & Border Crossings RV Tip

This is the time of year when many Snow-Birds head south from Canada to find the California and Arizona sun.  It is also the time when many RV drivers are reminded what happens when they forget about “Off-Track” and “Rear Swing out”.When going through a border crossing or entering a Toll Booth,...

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Driving Tips for Winter Weather Conditions

by Rita Costello Driving in winter weather, snow, ice, fog and rain is at best hazardous and physically demanding on drivers. Before venturing onto the roadways in the winter it is critical that you make sure that you-as the driver, the RV and your driving skills are readied for the road. Following...

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Test Your RV Knowledge

At our RV Boot Camp Trainings, we begin by determining what our audience knows about the operation of large vehicles. See if you need to learn more about driving your RV - test your RV knowledge. How wide is an Interstate freeway lane? In your State, what is the maximum width an RV can be? In...

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Keep Safe

Most RV accidents happen because the driver is unfamiliar with his coach or does not understand the rules of the road as they apply to large vehicle operation. Keep CenteredThis C-class motor home was riding the center line on a two lane road that was curving to the left. A truck towing a fifth-wheel...

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