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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

Always Do A Pre-Trip Inspection!

Remember, there are three parts to your Pre-Trip Inspection: Engine Check Light Check Safety Check To learn more about the Pre-Trip checks and I, C, D, order our Motor Home Training Manual today. This week I was showing a new RVer all the items they need to check before beginning their journey....

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A Mobile Clinic and a Pole

This month we review why every large vehicle driver MUST ALWAYS do at the very minimum, a Safety Check before moving. There are three checks every driver should make before beginning any journey. The first is an Engine Check, the second is a Light Check and the third is a Safety Check. This is a...

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A Diesel Pusher, a Hill and Summer Temperatures

There is a combination of events that can make your life as an RV driver exciting. Imagine this scenario, you’re driving your diesel-pusher motor home to Las Vegas and are climbing up the Baker grade. Its 114 F outside and as you start up the grade you notice the engine temperature is rising, what...

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An RV, a Toad and a Pot Hole

The word 'Toad' in the Motor-Home World means a 'Towed Vehicle'. This is a story about how easy it to tow a car behind a motor home. Yes, it’s so easy, you don’t even know the Toad is there, but what if something goes wrong? The lady towing this car took her eyes off I-5 for only a couple of seconds,...

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Storage Compartment Tips

Always be “Heads-Up” when using your storage compartments.  NEVER store anything on the drivers side of your RV that you might need in an emergency!  You DO NOT want to be on the side of the road or freeway trying to dig out tools or other emergency equipment with traffic roaring past you. ...

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