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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

Leveling your RV

aug rv tip month 2015 2Got Wood?
Whether you’re trying to get your RV level when the ground is not, or you’re in a parking lot with a mobile clinic and there is a slope, your levelers are not always going to co-operate, they will need help! Help is easy, inexpensive and can save you much frustration; it is nothing more than some 2” X 12” boards, cut to about 18” long.

The problem is that your leveling system has limits as to how far each leveler will extend. If the ground you are parked on is NOT even or has a slope, your leveling system will not be able to complete its’ task. This is where the wood comes in. All you need to do is take your pieces of wood and place them under where the leveling pads will come down and VOILA, all is done.

Another area where you always want to use wood under your leveling pads is when you are camping on either grass or what you might think is hard-packed soil. NEVER put your levelers down without some wood on the ground as invariably the little critters that live underground probably have a tunnel right under where your leveling pad is going come down. When this happens, your leveler breaks through the surface and goes into the gopher hole and will probably destroy your leveler, which will then need replacing. Been there, done that and always care at least eight, 18” - 2” x 12” boards. You’re going thank me!