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Tips to safely drive your RV, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, Mobile Clinic

RV Headsets are a Safety Tool

Another reason you NEED RV Headsets! Working with RVer’s around the country, one gets to see almost every type of parking space you could possible imagine and recently I saw it all; the tightest RV storage space in the whole world! This 34’ Palazzo found a parking space in what was once a recreation...

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The Non-Commercial Class B License Experience

So you’ve purchased the 43 foot motor home of your dreams and now you find out you are required to get a new driver’s license, something called a non-commercial Class B license. To confuse things even more, here in California we call it a Housecar license. What to do? Call RV Basic Training LLC! In...

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Driving in Extreme Weather Conditions

When it rains or snow comes down, it changes how you drive any vehicle, especially a large one. Often times the weather can be fine when you start out but change for the worse once you are on the road. It is the driver’s responsibility to assess the risk of continuing down the road or pulling off...

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Safe Maneuvering with OmniView

SAFE MANEUVERINGAll motor homes and mobile clinics have many things in common; they share a long wheelbase, they usually have 12’ to 15’ behind the back wheels, they are 8’ 6” wide and usually at least 12’ 6” tall. What all this means is that when a large vehicle driver is maneuvering, they must always...

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Leveling your RV

Got Wood?Whether you’re trying to get your RV level when the ground is not, or you’re in a parking lot with a mobile clinic and there is a slope, your levelers are not always going to co-operate, they will need help! Help is easy, inexpensive and can save you much frustration; it is nothing more than...

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Navigating construction and road paving

Summer time and the roads they’re a paving...We’ve all been there when the two lane freeway goes into construction mode. No shoulder, a precipitous drop-off on one side, barrels or K-rail on the other. What do you do? The easy way is to use Reference points to keep you centered in your lane and...

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